In Memoriam – Robin Ashton

Her name was Robin Ashton.  I say “was” because now she is deceased.  On February 9, 2017, Ms. Ashton took her own life.  Suicide in and of itself is a tragedy, but it is even moreso when one is driven there by a corrupt judiciary and legal system that disregarded someone’s cries for help, and allowed someone to be driven to the point of hopelessness.

I knew Robin.  I knew her quite well.  I know her story and have read many of her documents (not all, but enough for a fair assessment of her claims, in my opinion).  I spoke with her the morning of February 9th (though I was not informed of her suicide until two days ago), and though I detected no plans in what we spoke of that would suggest that she had planned to commit suicide that evening, I will always be haunted that I might have missed something, that there might have been something I could have done to keep Robin safe.  Alas, I did not and now I must live with the survivor’s guilt of not knowing that this tragedy loomed.

If this were a simple suicide, I would not be writing this.  No, this is not a simple tragedy of someone losing her battle with depression.  This is about a woman who was wronged, who turned to the Flathead County justice system for relief, and presiding judge Heidi Ulbricht, who repeatedly disregarded Robin’s pleas for help.  Finally, having been driven down to the point of helplessness, the only remedy Robin felt she had was suicide.

Maybe Heidi Ulbricht did not pull the trigger.  But she certainly deliberately disregarded Robin’s welfare and allowed the persecution that drove her beyond the point of no return.

For Robin, her struggle through the corrupt legal system of Montana began in 2008.  At the time, gasoline was exorbitantly priced and a man by the name of Richard Hoinville advertised on the radio that he had an invention that could convert water to gasoline – all he needed was a piece of land where he could build a shop to manufacture them.  Robin contacted Mr. Hoinville and agreed to sell him a joint ownership (rent-to-own, essentially) so he would have property to build the devices.  Robin thought she was doing something positive by helping Mr. Hoinville, and that she would also be helping the world by contributing to lower emissions.

What Robin did not know was that Richard Hoinville was not interested in building gas conversion devices – he wanted an off-the-grid property where he could build munitions, explosives and other deadly weapons.  Mr. Hoinville had a criminal record for arson and for bombing a public service company substation in Colorado.  In fact, Mr. Hoinville is a home-grown terrorist who actually declared himself a one-man terrorist cell called the Continental Revolutionary Army, dedicated to overthrowing the United States government.  Mr. Hoinville had gone to prison for his crimes, and upon release, he started right back on his agenda – all he needed was a solitary, isolated area where he could construct his weapons of mass destruction.

Once Robin found out what Mr. Hoinville’s true agenda was, she tried to evict him.  He instead hired a lawyer (Richard De Jana) and even counter-sued Robin over possession of her property!

Now keep in mind: Robin had not been a healthy woman to begin with.  One reason she lived in such a remote area was because she suffered from a disease known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity – essentially, the electrical and transmission frequencies that we use everyday without consequence had a chronic impact on Robin’s health.  It affected both her physical well-being as well as had debilitating affects on her mental health, leading to depression, headaches and suicidal ideations.  While isolated on her property, Robin managed her disease well enough – but when she was forced through the ongoing legal struggles to spend more and more time in Kalispell, her health began to decline sharply.

In dealing with the courts, Robin made frequent requests for disability accommodations under the Americans with Disability Act.  Ironically enough, the same judge who had been assigned to her case was also the ADA Administrator for Flathead County’s court building, the Flathead County Justice Center: Heidi Ulbricht.  The very notion that a judge presiding over a case could somehow also act as the administrator of ADA claims made against that court is beyond belief – it is not only blatant conflict of interest, but it also allows the bias from a court proceeding to impact the so-called impartiality of determining ADA compliance.

Needless to say, Heidi Ulbricht repeatedly refused to make any accommodations for Robin in her court.

To make matters worse, the lawyer Mr. Hoinville hired, Richard De Jana, was a shark.  Lacking in actual legal grounds to prevail, De Jana mounted a campaign of psychological warfare against Robin, peppering her with threats and verbal abuse that left Robin fearful for her life.  Robin’s suicidal ideations increased and she even sought help for her suicidal compulsions, only to have the medical community dismiss her pleas for help.  Eventually, under the weight of the threats from De Jana and Hoinville combined, Robin was forced to move off of her own property and take shelter elsewhere.

In the last several years of her life, Robin Ashton never felt safe enough to return home.

Again, Robin made frequent complaints of De Jana’s menacing conduct, and made frequent reports to Heidi Ulbricht that the threats she was being subjected to were both affecting her health and overwhelming her with thoughts of suicide.  She even went so far as to file claims against De Jana and others in federal court.  But again – much like with my own claims – the federal courts stepped up to defend the criminal negligence of Flathead County courts and authorities.  She made frequent requests for legal help, as she was just completely overwhelmed by the legality of it all, but again neither Ulbricht nor the federal courts would provide her assistance of counsel.

In the end, Ulbricht dismissed Robin’s lawsuit to re-secure her property.  The justice court likewise denied her the simple remedy of evicting Hoinville from her property.  And to add insult to injury, Ulbricht actually scheduled a trial against Robin for Hoinville’s countersuit.

Robin was not allowed the simplest of remedies to recover her own property, but Hoinville – *A CONVICTED TERRORIST!* – was able to not only bully her off her property, but was being given leave to sue Robin for possession of her own property!!

In the end, it was just too much for Robin.  Overwhelmed, degraded to the point of abject despair, Robin Ashton took her own life on February 9th.  She posted notes all around herself, decrying that she had been murdered by Ulbricht and De Jana.  She then dialed 911, and while on the phone with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

Heidi Ulbricht.  Richard De Jana.  Richard Hoinville.  These were Robin’s demons.  And though none of them may have placed the gun in her hand nor made her pull the trigger, they each contributed in driving her over the edge.

But the biggest fiend here is Judge Heidi Ulbricht.  Though De Jana and Hoinville may have been the criminals committing these horrific acts against a frail and ill woman, Ulbricht had a LEGAL DUTY to shelter Robin from harm.  A court of law exists to protect the interests of American citizens, to STOP this kind of wholesale abuse.  Instead, Ulbricht not only allowed it, she endorsed it.  She dismissed Robin’s claims and bolstered Hoinville’s.  And when Robin pleaded with her for help – both for her own declining mental health and for legal assistance – Ulbricht summarily shut her down, deliberately indifferent to Robin’s pleas for help.

In effect, Judge Heidi Ulbricht brazenly endorsed and empowered a criminal terrorist munitions production operation in Flathead County!  And she helped drive the legal land owner off her property to make sure it continued!  Deliberate or not, this was the end result – all because Ulbricht continues to play crooked political games that protect and shelter criminals over honest, upstanding citizens.

And I should know – Heidi Ulbricht is the judge who has been actively obstructing me from reclaiming my business assets and trying to throw me in prison to keep me from doing so!

I understand the hopelessness Robin felt.  The sheer disbelief that her rights as an American citizen could so easily be disregarded – all because Hoinville could afford to hire a lawyer, while she was left to fend for herself.

If you would like to read more about Robin’s crisis – and in her own words – please go HERE.

I said at the outset that I had read much of Robin’s paperwork.  I can honestly say I think that by the end, she was making quite a few claims she could not legitimately pursue.  She did not know where to turn, and in having nowhere, she flailed helplessly – all the while, trying to find a foothold.  But none of this diminished that her core issue was valid.

Richard Hoinville was a criminal and predator, preying upon Robin’s goodwill and thereafter her infirmity and lack of finances.  He hired a snake of a lawyer who was willing to harass and badger a helpless old lady until together they drove her to suicide.  No matter where Robin’s desperation led her later, this issue was legally sound and she should have been able to seek immediate and lasting relief from Heidi Ulbricht’s court.

Instead, Robin Ashton simply became another victim of Flathead County corruption – a fatality in the oppression of American citizens in Montana.

Once again, welcome to the Great Montana Conspiracy…

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More Evidence of Judicial Corruption In Montana

I keep saying I am not the only one to have experienced the massive criminal cover-up of official misconduct in Montana, just as I have said Kalispell and Flathead County are not the only corrupt bodies in the state.  There’s a reason Mike McGrath has been denying *all* requests for judicial recusal – because he is covering up the wholesale corruption entrenched throughout the state.  To allow one challenge on grounds of wrongdoing would open a floodgate of the rest of the state following through.

Literally, they are all breaking the law in office, and if one is recused, it sets precedent to recuse every other judge in the state!  Or at least, a substantial number of them!

If every judicial official in the state is guilty of impropriety in office to some degree, without any oversight nor restraint, where does one draw a line?  Clearly, McGrath’s line is that no judge in Montana can be recused at all, in effect making the simple status of holding a judicial post akin to being above both repute and the law.

As further proof that I am not alone in this viewpoint, I am sharing yet another link to yet another site challenging the criminal misconduct of Montana courts:

Montana Corruption: The Story of How Far Montana Corrupt Courts will Go to Hide Secrets



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The Latest Symptom: Trump

Anyone who reads this blog, knows that I don’t usually delve into national politics.  Political free speech, sure – but my point, my bottom line if you will, always comes down to exposing the corrupt politics in Montana and the incarceration of American citizens like myself who are detained as political prisoners.  My own example has been my starting point, and occasionally, as I have become aware of others, I have shared their stories, as well.

However, I have also said from the beginning that I am sharing my story because it is a prelude of what is to come if it is allowed to continue.  If American citizens like myself can be thrown into prison for exercising our constitutional rights – for bringing redress against governments for their misconduct – then we are empowering our governments to act without any restraint whatsoever.  In 2009, I started this blog with the express point of demonstrating what can happen when Americans allow their officials to bypass the civil liberties of just one citizen – myself – with the omen that if it is allowed against one, it will eventually be justifiable against all.

For years now, I have been the ominous voice in the dark – reporting on how Montana has stripped away its citizens’ rights to due process, double jeopardy, grand juries, challenge of probable cause, etc.  I have expounded further with warnings of the Ninth Circuit Court ruling that judicial officers can dismiss cases against themselves for criminal misconduct in office.  Worse, I pointed out that even the president of the United States Barack Obama was not removed from this, as he knowingly endorsed the practice of political imprisonment in America.

And through it all, I made one prediction: if this was allowed to continue, if no restraint nor consequence were placed upon the corrupt officials in my case, that it would eventually become a problem for the entire country, and that if it became acceptable to do this to me, it would become acceptable to do it on a national scale – for the worst deprivations of civil liberty always start small, test the waters for ripples, then gets more egregious when no consequences happen.

From the very beginning I have warned that to ignore one person’s loss of civil liberty was to ignore the future risk to your own loss.  I have quoted many political philosophers in my blog – everyone from Benjamin Franklin to Reverend Martin Niemoller – and they have all agreed that the problem begins simple, but ignored eventually grows to inhumane proportions.  In effect, if the problem is ignored when it is first seen, it gives rise to even greater travesties – grander, more vile and causing exponentially more irreparable harm.

Now that prediction has come true.  Because now we have Donald Trump.

Let me stop for a moment to say this: I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I believe Clinton is a traitor, and that if Edward Snowden can be condemned for releasing top secret records that exposed the criminal corruption in our own government, then Clinton should be shackled in line ten places ahead.  Further, I am not someone crying for Trump’s election to be rescinded – for good or ill, the man won the presidential race and we are stuck with him as president, even if many of us don’t like that fact.  This is all just my personal opinion, and not meant to influence anyone else’s.  I only say this to point out my grievance here is not because I am upset Clinton didn’t win the White House – my concern is far grander, and – as I have said – it dates back to the earliest days of my blog.

I say this against President Donald Trump because he is but the latest symptom in the disease I have been reporting on now for thirteen years – from clear back in 2003 when I first posted “Another Case of Gov Abuse”.  I have said for all these years that if you wanted to hide a political prisoner, call him a sex offender, because no one would listen to them.  It’s how Montana hid me away for five years, how they have kept me under their censorship and draconian restrictions for the next seven years, and the pretense under which they are trying to throw me back into a hole for an additional fifteen years – because if the government tells you something, you will believe it if it is colored in such a way to get you to see it their way.

As I write this blog, there are protests all over the country.  Protests against Donald Trump and his so-called executive authority.  The current protests are over travel bans against seven Muslim countries, but the social unrest has been going on now for months – starting with protests over his winning the election, and building up to today.

And we all know it’s only going to get worse.  Trump said before he was ever elected that he intended to send gestapo troops into every home in the nation to locate illegal immigrants so he could deport them.  He has recently talked about sending federal troops into Chicago in response to rising crime rates.

But for all of this – Trump is not the problem.  He is the largest symptom of the disease, not the cause.  But like any disease, the problem is rooted in the smallest symptoms, not the greater.  If a disease gives you a sore throat, cough, even hives – the only way to cure the disease is kill off the virus causing the symptoms.

President Trump was elected because the mindset I predicted came to pass: people have accepted that it is alright to deprive others of basic human dignity so long as they themselves perceive that their own are not affected.  Unfortunately, the number of people whose rights have not been impacted is growing smaller.  And eventually, we will be left with only the smallest fraction – a group both incapable of overcoming the blind bigotry and social injustice, and fearful to try for losing the protections they have.

During the election, I remember debating with my mom about Trump.  She supported him because she didn’t like Clinton.  I told her I could not endorse either, but between the two, Trump was by far the scarier option.  When faced with the threats to civil rights that Trump espoused throughout the election, my mom actually said, “Oh come on.  He’s not really going to be able to do any of that.  People would stop him.  He’s just saying those things to get elected.”  I argued that if he were elected, what would stop him – could she honestly expect him to completely change his personality just because he won?

Well, here we are.  Civil unrest, social upheaval and a dictator issuing orders from the White House without any measure of control over the very ambitions and threats he made during the election.  I mean, come on: this is what he *TOLD* us he was going to do – and everyone’s surprised he’s actually doing it?!

I am a political prisoner.  I have been detained for speaking out against corrupt officials in Kalispell and Flathead County, Montana, and those same officials seek to throw me back into a prison cell in retaliation for publishing an expose that details their criminal misconduct (U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004).  What was and continues to be done to me is a travesty.  But it is still just a symptom – one that could have been treated a decade ago when I first spoke up.

But no one did anything, and now the same mindset that accepts this kind of travesty being done to me has grown, rooted itself within the American tapestry, rotted the concern for fellow human beings away over self-preservation.  The latest affliction of this disease has been the empowerment of a man like Donald Trump and given him arguably the most powerful position in the free world.

So remember – when you sit back and see our country fall apart, possibly fall into a state of civil war, remember:

I warned you.

Of course, none of this is undoable.  Yet.

People like Donald Trump gain power and prestige by the power bases that exist under them.  If you remove the powers that gave rise to a tyrant, you weaken the tyrant.

For example, take down the corrupt officials in Kalispell and free the prisoners oppressed and too fearful to speak out, you weaken Montana state corruption.  Take away that corrupt core at the state level – people like McGrath and Bullock – you start to disempower the federal system.  Take away the foundation of the state, and even the federal congressional members’ support wains.

Remember: the people who run for congressional positions *start* within the very states where corruption began.   You don’t defeat a dragon with one blow – you strike it at its weakest points and let the accumulated damage wear the beast down until it is too weak to fend off the killing blow.

I, of course, use my own example, but the problem does not exist in Montana alone.  We have all witnessed police killings and acts of terror from our own younger generation now for decades.  Both are symptoms of the problem: corruption unchecked and desperate efforts to root out the disease.  Like a fever trying to kill an infection – it can just as easily kill you as help.

I am not saying blowing up a building or shooting unarmed people is acceptable, anymore than police killing American citizens they are supposed to protect and serve is appropriate – I am saying they are opposite sides of the same disease: acceptance in that violence is a solution, and a complete disregard of human dignity.

And it all started with civil liberty deprivations like what happened and continues to happen to me.

We need change, but the problem cannot be solved by attacking the Trump presidency directly alone.  What needs to be done is to root out the corruption and free American citizens being oppressed like myself.  Take away the power that holds Trump up, and then you can actually start getting a foothold on fixing the problem.  Because even if somehow Trump was deposed, it wouldn’t solve the problem – someone else would rise to carry his torch.

We need to fix the problems where they start, not where they end. You don’t kill crab grass by cutting off the leaf – you kill the root first.  And I am showing you one root that can be killed to start the process, because it is one root I am best positioned to expose.

But you have to be the one to kill it, because as it stands, I have been made powerless to act on my own.*  Heck, I can’t even post this to Facebook because I am not allowed to…

I would be remiss in closing if I didn’t remind people that I have been trying to compel Governor Bullock to grant my clemency with a petition.  He has had my application for a year now, and has done nothing with it.  You can find the petition calling for my clemency here.

I hope you will consider my words and act accordingly.  Ignore the injustice done to me, and you are only giving people like Trump the power to commit further atrocities.

Of course, my experience of the last dozen years has left me little hope that the right thing will be done…  We are where we are because warnings like mine have been ignored for years – why change course now?


*I should not have to point this out, but please remember I am not calling for violence.  I am not urging assassinations nor uprisings.  I am fearful that armed uprising is where we are heading if the problem isn’t resolved, but I am not pushing for that.  I honestly believe there’s still time to change this river’s course…



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Another Viewpoint

I came across the following blog today and thought I would share.  It represents not only a new insight into the corruption that is the Great Montana Conspiracy, but also corroborates all I have been saying about how far afield Montana is when it comes to both civil rights and the United States Constitution – and the officials involved in the cover-up.

Judicial Tyranny In Montana Marches On


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A Desperate Move…

As a reminder, the revocation proceeding designed to lock me back in a prison cell to silence and censor me for publication of my expose (U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004: The True Story of an Innocent Man Detained As a Political Dissident in Kalispell, Montana) was held yesterday.  The hearing was scheduled for January 10, 2016, but when the state’s witness, probation officer Brock O’Hara, simply did not appear, the court granted an extension to the state without any demonstration of good cause for it.  There was no legitimate reason for O’Hara’s absence presented by the prosecutor; it was just granted without any rationale nor justification.

It is abundantly plain that the presiding judge, Heidi Ulbricht, is in bed with the Good Ol’ Boys and did not want to let this chance to silence me go away.   No one – and I do mean NO ONE – gets an extension of time without demonstration of good cause.  Simply not having your witness appear without a reason is not good cause.  But she gave an unprecedented and unwarranted extension.

This act all by itself demonstrates brazenly what I have been saying all along: the last thirteen years has never been about my supposedly committing a crime.  It has always been about punishing me for standing up and exposing the official misconduct of this gestapo-style government running unrestrained in Flathead County, Montana.

By *LAW* a hearing is held when it is scheduled and can only get extended if a good reason is given for it, ie, “My witness is snowed in and can’t get here,” or, “My witness has been up all night with the flu”, etc.  Basically, any good reason that makes the witness unavailable for a legitimate reason.  But ABSOLUTELY NO REASON was given for Brock O’Hara’s absence other than, “He didn’t come into work today and we can’t reach him.”  The fact that an extension was given to the state (over objection from my counsel) demonstrates clear and indisputable prejudice of the court over me personally, because no one else would ever have had an extension granted under these circumstances.

Incidentally, it has been brought to my attention that the current Head Justice of the Montana Supreme Court, Mike McGrath (who readers will recognize as the former Montana Attorney General whom I have pointed out took the position over the Supreme Court in violation of Montana law) has instituted a practice of never granting substitution, no matter how much prejudice or impropriety a judge demonstrates.  One of the head judge’s duties is to review requests to recuse district court judges, but McGrath literally refuses to recuse anyone.  He is obviously aware that bigotry, prejudice and impropriety exist in Montana judicial officials, but he is actually endorsing malpractice in office because he genuinely BELIEVES that judges should be above the law.

Yet again, welcome to the Good Ol’ Boy chapter of Nazi America…

At any rate, as a consequence of the entrenched corruption extending all the way to state-level government, even with a demonstration of such brazen levels of prejudice by Judge Ulbricht, we have no chance of ever removing her or getting a fair, impartial judge to oversee this.

So – yesterday.

I can only describe the end result of yesterday as an act of desperation by the court.  In the end, it was a little bit of a lean in my favor, but that it once again wasn’t handled properly, it’s going to draw this matter out even longer.

Brock O’Hara showed up this time.  His reason for not appearing was that no one told him to be there.  Mind you, this actually contradicted what the prosecutor had told the court the day before – that Brock had been told to be there by both the prosecutor and my defense counsel, and that my attorney had discussed questioning him at the hearing.  Someone’s not being honest, obviously, since both versions of the events cannot be true.

Regardless, the court didn’t even ask for the reason for O’Hara’s absence the day before.

So the hearing went on and O’Hara testified.  He testified to what intermediate sanctions were and admitted that he had no independent reason to believe that my inclusion of my so-called victim’s name in the book was anything other than accidental.  Of course, even when he acknowledged that he’s made mistakes in reports, the court has and every other human in the world is capable of making mistakes in proofreading printed material, he still insisted that he did not believe I personally was capable of making a mistake.

Apparently, I am God and didn’t know it, because somehow I can’t possibly be capable of making mistakes.  Wish I had known this a lot sooner in my life…  Maybe I could have gotten a profit share out of all the church’s collection plates all this time…

At any rate, the biggest issue that O’Hara confirmed was what constituted a sanction.  When he requires a probationer to do something to correct an issue considered a violation of probation rules and the probationer complies, it turns out that is a sanction and it cannot later be used for a revocation.  So when O’Hara came to me and required me to fix the typographical error in the book – which I did the same day it was was reported to me – that amounted to a sanction.  And it therefore could not then be used to return me to prison.

Under law, this is a double jeopardy issue.  One cannot be punished twice for the same offense.  If one is given a sanction, they have already been punished.  It cannot then be brought out and used against them later.

And surprise, surprise – this is exactly what is being done to me.

Anyways, after O’Hara stepped down, my attorney called again for a motion to dismiss.  He argued that not only was this not a revocation since the offending act was not deliberate, but – more importantly – I had already been subjected to a sanction for the perceived violation.  And since I complied with the sanction, I cannot now be revoked under the same supposed violation.

This caught the court off guard.  It was obvious.  Ulbricht called for a recess and plainly wanted to go back and review whether what my attorney said was correct.  Unable to find a any fault in my attorney’s argument, she returned to the court.  But instead of acting on the plain law, she called for briefs to be filed.  She gave my attorney a week, the prosecutor a week to respond, and then my attorney another week to reply.  So now we have an extension of the proceedings through February 1, 2016.

Now make no mistake: to my eye, this was an act of desperation.  In a desperate effort to make sure this proceeding did not get buried, Ulbricht basically threw out a call for help.  She has demonstrated she wants to revoke me.  She has shown clear and deliberate prejudice against me in other proceedings, and even her own language at this hearing demonstrated she considers this revocation equivalent to a new sexual felony.  She doesn’t care about the facts or circumstances.  She is helping the prosecutor – whose office is specifically named in my book! – pursue a grudge and perpetuate gross censorship of my political free speech.

So now I have two weeks of continued stress and anxiety.

Keep in mind: I do not expect this to get dismissed.  I honestly believe this is a desperate act of Judge Ulbricht’s in an attempt to find some justification to keep this prosecution alive.  This is not about law – this is about the personal vendettas of the corrupt officials who I have been persecuted by for thirteen years.

And even if somehow Judge Ulbricht does do the right thing and dismiss this revocation, the attacks aren’t done.  These people are committed to silencing me.  They want me gone.  And if this prosecution fails, I have every expectation that it will not be the end.  I could well endure a barrage of revocation attempts in the future.  All because the real criminals are the ones in control of the so-called legal system…

So basically, I am once again in a holding pattern – not gone yet, but still not free either.  And unless something is done to reign in this witch hunt against me, it is obviously just the beginning of a new war for my liberty…

If you ever had doubts that I am a political prisoner…

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Goodbye (In One More Day)

I will leave the original post in place below so I don’t have to reenter it, but this matter has been delayed by a day, so the Goodbye may still be proper, just delayed…

So – my probation officer, Brock O’Hara did not show up for the hearing.  Essentially, he initiated the petition for revocation and the state could not revoke me without him there.  As was stressed by the prosecutor, O’Hara knew about the hearing and had been told by both the prosecutor and my defense attorney that he would be needed as a witness at the hearing, with my own attorney speaking with him as recently as Friday (January 6, 2016).  But he decided to take the day off and make himself unavailable as a witness altogether.

In an action that is clearly complete and blatant prejudicial bias, District Court Judge Heidi Ulbricht gave an extra day to the prosecution.  Their witness refused to appear, and without any justification of O’Hara’s absence and the clear prejudice that an extension provided to me, the court still granted an extension to the state to allow an extra opportunity for them to produce their witness.  As my attorney said on record, in all of his years as a defense attorney, he has never been given an extension if any of his defense witnesses fail to appear for a revocation hearing, and the state should have been held to the same standard.  But clearly, the powers-that-be want this revocation to happen, and so they have given the state extraordinary advantage here.


If you have any doubts of the deliberate intent here, this shows it.  This is corruption presented on a silver platter – the state had no legitimate reason for their witness to not appear.  There was no justification for this delay, just that the state was unable to win without their witness, and so the case was extended to give the state an extra chance.

As I say, unbelievable.

So now the case is postponed to tomorrow at 2:30 PM.  Again, see the farewell message as it’s pretty clear that it’s still very relevant…

This morning at 9:00 AM, I go to court to be revoked.  In the event I am unable to return to update this entry, assume that I have been returned to jail, en route to prison.  My attorney has said the chances are low, that he will be requesting a separate disposition hearing so there should be a bit of time left to me, but what happens today will decide if I am to be punished for speaking out against this corruption.  If I do return to jail today though, this will be my final chance to say farewell.

Just remember – this is what happens to good people.  This is what happens when you turn a blind eye to others’ injustices.  When people can steal and rob you of your life and they are the ones who prosper, we no longer have a free country.  It’s a sham.

To all those who have voiced their support for me through the years, thank you – but don’t forget, you didn’t act.  You may have sympathized, but you did nothing ultimately to help me remain free.  I am disappointed, but to be honest, what else could I expect?  America is not what it once was.  Pretty much proves that by now, doesn’t it?


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Silence Broken…

For the last couple of months, I have voluntarily agreed not to make public posts here at the advice of my legal counsel – based upon the premise that anything I say here will ultimately just be twisted around, taken out of context, and then used as a weapon against me in the ongoing effort of Ed Corrigan’s office to send me back to prison.  Personally, I cannot tell you how much that sickens me – to even be *asked* to voluntarily surrender my constitutional right of free speech – but after much internal struggle, I did so.  Mostly I did it in hopes that it would not further inflame people like Angela Townsend and the-thief-whom-I-am-forbidden-to-name to launch more unprovoked attacks against me.*

Today, I am breaking that silence.  And I am doing so because Angela Townsend has launched into very public and vicious attacks against me on Craigslist for two weeks now, and I need to make this abundantly clear: anyone seeing anonymous attacks against me on Craigslist need to know they are manufactured falsehoods created by Townsend designed to provoke violence against me.

Angela Townsend has committed trademark infringement against a trademark that is rightfully mine. The title in dispute is The Forlorned.  It is my creation, not hers. I am the legal trademark holder and I have asserted that right in a court of law, not gone online and debased her with ridiculous and unfounded attacks. I created the name at her bequest, as she was then a friend (though she’s now currently the hate-poster on Craigslist), to re-brand a book she had written, but she was required by our agreement to give me credit for the creation. I was the first to use the name in commerce, my public post doing so was never disputed and I actively promoted the name through social media for over a year, all in support of Townsend’s successful use of my title.  After making a movie using the name (which was not done with my prior consent), she decided to disavow my trademark ownership and claim *she* had created the name. And when she was served with a cease and desist notice, only then did she file a trademark claim (same day).  The matter is still pending in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Glick v Townsend, et al., Cause No. 15-35587, 9th Cir.).

I have made reports to the Kalispell Police Department, but they refuse to do anything against Townsend.  No real surprise there.  Even when Townsend made false reports about me driving around her house and office in two different fictional vehicles – and when I was actually in the police station making a complaint of these false reports when she claimed I was doing it – they would do nothing to curb this abuse.

Townsend is given free reign because she is seen as part of the Good Ol’ Boy Network, employed and allied through her employment for Dale McGarvey and the now-deceased Scott Anderson.  I have touched on the issue of allowable criminal misconduct before, and nothing has changed – except that Townsend’s attacks have just become more vile and unrestrained with the authorities letting her do whatever she wants, so long as her victim is me.

There is really no difference between what Townsend is doing and the guy who beats up his girlfriend, and then blames his victim for the beating (ie, “I wouldn’t have had to beat you if you didn’t always make me so mad” kind of nonsense). My personal experience with the woman has shown to me that Angela Townsend is a hateful, spiteful, duplicitous person who has absolutely no integrity, but she wants everyone to believe she does so she can continue to rip people off with impunity. I shudder to think of how many others out there she has stolen ideas from, and how many more she plans to in the future. She’s opened a so-called film company now (turned McGarvey’s law office into her new front) and I can only hope that anyone bringing a movie idea to her does their due diligence before sharing *anything* with her.

Bottom line here is that no matter what is being said about me, it must be known that it is completely fabricated.  It’s just designed to advance Townsend’s own agenda, but it is still incredibly hurtful and vicious.  And it is a gross disservice to anyone’s civil rights that someone who is *obviously* the real criminal here is given free reign to victimize someone else with no other validation than that I, Ron Glick, am the victim – and that somehow justifies every vile act she and others of her ilk take…


*Note: The revocation has been moved a third time, now to January 10, 2017.  And my attorney has not stopped at pressuring me to voluntarily surrender my right of free speech either – as with so many previous attorneys, he is pressuring me to abandon other constitutional liberties because he sees my acting upon my rights as “poking the bear”.  I have resigned to going back to prison at this point, because clearly if my own attorney counsels a defense of surrendering my constitutional rights – ie, just give up and let these criminals do whatever they want to you to avoid having your political imprisonment worsened (not his words, but a fair interpretation) –  I cannot say that I have a great deal of confidence in prevailing against this injustice…


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