New Endorsement of Political Corruption

A new review was posted to my book, U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004.  It was posted yesterday, though I did not see it until today.  Normally, reviews are reviews – they are opinions and no matter whether they endorse or criticize, I certainly do not bring them up here.

This review was different: it purports to be from someone inside the Eleventh District Court of Montana, ie, the corrupt court of Flathead County, Montana, that has been the greatest obstacle to my civil liberties since I became a political dissident (2003), and later political prisoner (2004 to present).  And most importantly, it actually endorses what I have been saying about the corrupt authorities who have imprisoned me for over a dozen years now, the same authorities who have been blocking my property claims and are seeking to return me to prison for fifteen years for publicly exposing them in the above-referenced expose.

As of this writing, the comment can be viewed HERE.    I say “as of this writing”, because anything on the Internet can be removed, altered or censored.  So whether it stays at that address or not is, of course, subject to change.  I provide this link as credentials of what I am saying, knowing full-well that that very credibility could be removed without notice.

This being said, the review reads as follows: J.D. Cahill’s review of U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004: The Tr…

I received this book from another source, and after having read it, I have no interest in judging Mr. Glick… a corrupt legal system already has. That said, my interest here is that I devote all the time I am able to devote to exposing the corruption so those who have been wrongly accused and/or wrongly convicted. I currently work in this corrupt system (yes, that means I work in the 11th District Court of Flathead County Montana). I have a huge collection of documents and transcripts that I will use to back up my (yet to come) accusations that will be made public.

I can understand why people believe Mr. Glick is blaming others. And I can tell you why. Why? The 11th Judicial District of Flathead County (The 11th District Court) is unquestionably and undeniably a corrupt organization. Some of the people behind the corruption are Judge Robert Allison, Judge Heidi Ulbricht, Judge Amy Eddy (appointed), Peg Allison, Clerk of Court, former 11th District Court Judge Ted O. Lympus, the Flathead County Sherrifs Department, and numerous attorneys – the worst of which is Katherine Maxwell (who makes her living ruining lives through the use of lies, fabrications, and assertions that are just amazing in their absolute absence of any truth whatsoever.) Now the reason I bring up Katherine Maxwell is because I would like to point out that she is the worst of the lot in submitting motions and other pleas that contain outright lies AND the judges accept these lies without question or requiring supporting documents or somehow substantiating her slanderous lies. Why do the judges accept such scurrilous abuse of jurisprudence? Because the outcome is pre-determined. It is so predetermined that the judges WILL violate your constitutional rights. If you are a pro se defendant or respondent, God help you if you call them on it.

The justice system in the 11th district is one of Kalispell’s/Flathead County’s best kept secrets. If you ever come to Kalispell, MT from another state – especially California, you had better not violate the law (criminal or civil).

Couple of quick points on this:

First, J.D. Cahill is clearly an alias.  I assumed it would be, because in my decade-long struggle to expose this corrupt government, I have never found anyone willing to say these kinds of things publicly without the shelter of anonymity – except myself, of course.  So I really did not expect this person to be using their real name.  And it certainly was not an account created to just enter this review, either – Cahill has been making reviews for years (since at least 2005) – so any naysayers who seek to claim I created this account or made this entry can rely on the fact that I could not possibly have created the account that posted it – since the earliest review is dated at a point I was in prison!

It was not until I went searching to see if my hunch was wrong that I learned that J.D. Cahill is a character played by John Wayne is the classic 1973 movie, Cahill U.S. Marshall.  In this movie (mind you, I am going from Internet summaries, as I have never seen the film), Wayne plays a U.S. Marshall who returns home to find his two sons have become outlaws and must draw a line between his duties as an officer of the law and a father, especially when his sons seek to go straight and are held hostage by the gang they have joined.

The irony is not lost on me here – a person sworn to uphold the law, whose family members (sons in the story) have turned criminal and who is burdened with the duty to bring them to justice.  Presuming that all being said is true, the Cahill posting on Amazon is someone acting from within the corrupt organization – who has access to records and documentation that could expose a much broader ranger of corruption than my case alone represents – and who is acting upon a higher moral calling to bring his/her fellows to justice for their crimes.

Now, I know you can change your identity on Amazon – your online ID is not set in stone.  Therefore, I cannot say whether this person changed their handle when they entered this comment, or whether this has always been their online identity.  All I can say is that the alias is certainly fitting now.

Second, let me point out that I have no idea who Katherine Maxwell is.  I have had no dealings with her, nor has she in any way (to the best of my knowledge) had any dealings with any case I have come across on my own.  So I cannot personally vouch for anything said about Ms. Maxwell.

What I can attest to is that every other person named in this post is someone I have already publicly sought to expose.  Not everyone I have, but the fact that this person names Peg Allison, Robert Allison, Heidi Ulbricht, Amy Eddy and Ted Lympus demonstrates that this is a public validation of everything I have been saying now for thirteen years.  The only thing missing to make this a bona fide exoneration is that Cahill’s real credentials are unknown.

Finally, let me make it clear: to the best of my knowledge, I likely have never had any contact with the author of this post.  I know of no one strategically placed inside the Great Montana Conspiracy whose details match what this person has posted.  I do have the occasional leak who will contact me with one detail or another (always accompanied by, “I will deny it if you ever say I told you this”, of course), but Cahill’s post does not line up well with anyone I can think of.

What I am trying to say here is that I have no idea of Cahill’s true identity, nor am I making this post at his/her bequest, as I have had no direct contact.  I am posting this because I believe people should pay heed to what Cahill has posted since it supports the existence of the corruption I have been seeking to make public for years (and been vilified for my efforts), and as an invitation for Cahill – whomever he or she might be – to reach out.  I welcome offering whatever help I may in exposing the corruption embedded so deeply within Montana.

As the saying goes, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Cahill is clearly as interested in exposing the truth about these criminals operating under the auspice of official protection as I am – that makes us allies, even if our end goals might be different.

And who knows – maybe there’s no difference at all…

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Clemency Denied: Corruption Endorsed By Governor Steve Bullock

    Habitual liars invent falsehoods not to gain any end or even to deceive their hearers, but to amuse themselves. It is partly practice and partly habit. It requires an effort in them to speak truth. – William Hazlitt, 1823

    The one consistent thing you can count on from a dishonest person is that they will never confess to being dishonest – since the fundamental aspect of truth is not a tool they relied upon to be dishonest in the first place.  In fact, you can expect a considerable amount of energy to be deployed in covering up their dishonesty, typically with even more dishonesty.

    One quote I have often used comes from Shakespeare: The lady doth protest too much, methinks (Hamlet, c. 1600).  It is a quintessential statement of how someone who practices deception spends far more energy defending dishonesty than someone who is actually being honest.  And it fits well within the subject of this post, as it has in so many of my others, as well.

    The same element holds true for corruption – a corrupt official will not confess to being corrupt.  It goes against the fabric of the position they create for themselves.  If a corrupt official were to confess to their inherent corruption, they would lose what they have gained from their corruption.  And they will spend an inordinate amount of time either avoiding or outright denying that they are, in truth, corrupt or that they endorse corrupt practices.

    This aspect has become especially poignant today.  For today – after over a year of silence – I received notice of Governor Steve Bullock’s decision upon my clemency application:


    In spite of massive amounts of evidence supporting government impropriety, a 423 book (U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004: The True Story of an Innocent Man Detained As a Political Dissident In Kalispell, Montana) collecting everything from a forged arrest warrant, affidavits documenting official intimidation, felonious fraud on the courts of Montana, etc., and the expansive amount of public endorsements calling for my release for the good works I do in the community in spite of the shackles I wear everyday of my life, Governor Steve Bullock elected to deny my clemency application.

    Now keep in mind: I already knew he would.  I made the application with the expectation that it would be denied.  I even stated as much in my clemency application, which I posted here in full.  At the end of the letter to Governor Bullock, I even said:

    “I am making this application because if I do not, then I cannot very well stand back and say that you would never give it to me. If I do not at least try, then I have no room to complain. You will deny it. I already know this. I am not going to play to you or pretend this is something it is not. But you have the truth in front of you, and you can either do the right thing or not. This is all I can do.

    “I await your denial.”

     Therefore, there certainly was no surprise that Steve Bullock would deny the application.  Steve Bullock was one of three Montana Attorney Generals who endorsed my false conviction.  Faced with evidence of massive corruption, then-Attorney General Steve Bullock ordered his office to oppose my efforts to win my freedom through appeal.  I could certainly not expect Bullock to suddenly gain a conscience and reverse his prior position.  After all, if he acknowledged that I was deserving of clemency now, it would be admission that while Montana Attorney General, he rubber stamped my politically-mandated false conviction in the first place.

    Which brings me to the point of this post: Steve Bullock could never have granted me clemency.  Because to do so would be an open admission to the existence of the Good Ol’ Boy Network, the corrupt government entrenched in Montana and private community that orbits and profits off of it  – what I have termed as the Great Montana Conspiracy.  A grant of clemency to a political prisoner would be a confession that he was a political prisoner in the first place.

    As I stated at the beginning of this post, corrupt officials do not admit to being corrupt.  No official will openly acknowledge that I am being held as a political prisoner, and will go out of their way to make sure no one else will endorse the idea – even if it means continued deprivation of any sort of justifiable inquest.  This smacks of corruption at its core, when no one will even inquire into the validity of the evidence I have presented, and officials who have taken oaths to uphold the Constitutional rights of their citizens will exert the entirety of their power to oppress them instead.  No one in a position of government – neither in Montana nor the United States – would ever openly admit that U.S. citizens are being held as political prisoners – to do so would be anathema to the international position the United States has taken against political prisoners in other countries.

    Well I am, and I continue to be, in spite of my best efforts to expose the actual criminals here.

    At the very least, a man of integrity would have ordered an investigation to the allegations I raised in my petition.  Bare minimum would have compelled a hearing and interview of myself to determine the validity of my accusations of being committed as a political prisoner for suing the corrupt officials running Kalispell, Montana in 2003.  However, Bullock chose the obvious route: suppress the petition.  Deny it outright, do not investigate, do not publicize.

    Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.

    Only an honest man would have ever granted clemency to a prisoner of conscience.

    And Steve Bullock is not an honest man.


    His refusal to even investigate the claims raised in my petition for clemency proves that.  At the very least, an honest man guided by morality and integrity would have been appalled to have a clemency application arrive on his desk protesting political imprisonment.  Bare minimum due diligence would have called for an inquiry to prove or disprove the allegations.

    Steve Bullock did none of this.  Instead, he buried the application for over a year, then silently denied it without any probe nor scrutiny.

    Incidentally – and certainly a notable issue – Bullock himself did not sign the denial.  He assigned it to a staff person, one Andrew I. Huff, identified as “Chief Legal Counsel” in the letter.  This is contrary to Montana law, which grants the power to grant or deny clemency solely to the Governor of the state – not to his office, staff nor legal counsel.  Though Mr. Huff has stated that the Governor concurs with denying clemency, the letter does not constitute a legal denial of executive clemency.  At best, it is a third person acknowledgment that Governor Bullock denied the clemency petition – not an actual legal act.

     Of especial note, I have spoken with Mr. Huff in the past.  When the current Montana Attorney General’s Office decided to harass me about acting as Attorney In Fact under a Power of Attorney for my grandmother, Mr. Huff was the one who grudgingly had to admit that their office had no authority to try to bar me from defending her interests.  In his final words, he told me over the phone, “I would just like to forget this.”

    And I allowed the issue to be done with.  I did not sue Montana over the infringement of my equal protection under the law, nor freedom from government molestation of my rights as a citizen.  Though Mr. Huff’s involvement in this current issue does raise concerns enough that I may just reconsider that decision…

    I will, of course, be writing a letter condemning this illicit act, objecting to Mr. Huff’s effectively usurping Governor Bullock’s executive clemency power.  But this is Montana – corruption is the name of the game, and no one in power or authority is required to follow the law.  I would not be where I am today if it was.

    Let me be clear: I do believe that Governor Bullock made the decision, and then ordered his “Chief Legal Counsel” to write the letter.  I do not believe Mr. Huff is acting alone, only that he has no actual authority to act here.  The action must be performed by Governor Bullock and he has no power under law to delegate that power to someone else.  My objection is not to the decision, but to the fact that even in this final and irreversible act, Governor Bullock must be held to the standards of law and actually commit his name to the deprivation of my civil liberties.

    So bottom line: still a political prisoner, and still under the pending threat (after almost a year now) of yet again being returned to a prison cell for continuing to speak out against my being detained as a political dissident in the United States of America.

    By the way, even with the petition effectively denied (albeit, by hearsay rather than direct action), my public petition for clemency will remain online.  I urge any citizen of the world who is opposed to the egregious deprivation of human dignity I continue to document to sign and promote this petition – for you might well be my last hope of freedom…

    Once again, I welcome you to Nazi America.

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Angela Townsend – The Latest Tantrum

Yesterday, I posted an article once again defending against the actions of Angela Townsend, which you can read here.  In that article, I illustrate a very vindictive, vexatious woman who is seeking to attack my character at every opportunity because I had the audacity to challenge her theft of my intellectual property, the title “The Forlorned”.  I have for quite some time been setting forth her illicit and illegal activities mounted against me – and yesterday, I was actually able to post on here Townsend’s own words, proving indisputably that she is engaged in a smear campaign against me.

Whereas I adhere to the legal system and filed a complaint in a court of law, Townsend has sought through defamation and character assassination to attack me in the court of public opinion, preying off the lowest common denominator of American society: bigotry.  It does not matter that what Townsend continues to espouse is completely untrue, it only matters that she says these things and I am left to defend against them because Townsend’s connections buy her support and protection my own state of political imprisonment deprives me.

Keep in mind: as I always do, I advised Townsend to cease and desist, and that it was in her best interest to just sit down and resolve these legal disputes.  It comes as little surprise that this psychotic woman suffering from a narcissistic anti-social personality disorder would ignore common sense and just continue in her abusive vein.

This morning, I was informed that in response to my post yesterday, Townsend once again sent a malicious and libelous message to the Art Page of Howard Boughner (which was the page who sent me the original message which I posted the screenshot of yesterday):

Townsend Character Attack 2

Now remember, the only possible thing Townsend could be referring to is the blog post from yesterday.  Anyone who reads it will see there are no threats to her life in that post.  Townsend is once again fabricating a threat that does not exist.  Yet again, when there is no truth to rely upon, ANGELA TOWNSEND LIES!

Nowhere in her message does she quote anything that could be considered threatening. And obviously, if there was credibility to her claims, they could have been linked, just like she did with the link to my blog.  But the only place these kinds of allegations emerge are over instances where Townsend has her fingers in the stew.

In re-reading my own post, I did note that there is one statement that could seem threatening if taken out of context (readers of my blog know how much these people love to take things out of context to validate their own criminal conduct):

    “In my considered opinion, she is a parasite and should have been plucked from the body of this diseased mongrel of a society a long time ago.”

Of course, if you read everything that preceded that statement, you know this is not a threat of physical harm – it is a statement that after committing a massive number of crimes in pursuit of her vendetta against me, the woman should be in prison!  Angela Townsend has staged a false crime scene; made innumerable false police reports (one of which was made alleging I was stalking her at home when I was actually sitting in the police department waiting to make a statement about her false reports); practiced law without a license; sent me dozens of physical threats through electronic communications, including death threats; etc.  Make no mistake:


That is not an opinion; that is fact.  Angela Townsend has committed crime after crime after crime.  And that makes her a criminal.  Just because she will never be prosecuted by the corrupt Good Ol’ Boy network she is a part of does not change the fact that the crimes were committed, nor that she committed them.

And as a criminal, Angela Townsend should be plucked from society and put in prison.  I state this as my considered opinion, and I stand behind the statement.  Society is not safe from a recidivistic, serial criminal like Angela Townsend – I am not her only victim; I am just the most vocal.  And as is the case with most sociopathic criminals, Townsend feels absolutely no empathy for the victims of her crimes.

But Townsend is sheltered and protected by the very criminal empire that has subjected me to political imprisonment – deprived of basic human dignity because I have stood up to them, just as I stand up to any criminal like Angela Townsend.

It might surprise Townsend that she really is not present in my thoughts every day.  In her own mind, she is obviously the center of the universe and everyone should genuflect on the ground before her for just the privilege of being noticed.  This is the problem with narcissistic personalities: they honestly believe the self-gratifying stuff that rattles around in their own heads.  The truth is, I filed the lawsuit and sat back and waited for the wheels of justice to work their way slowly through my claim – I did not need to go after Townsend in any way, because I had already set about the proper, legal way of handling a dispute: I went to court.

only deal with Townsend when she invades the sanctity of my life with moronic attacks like she attempted here – and I only deal with it in the fashion I am doing now: writing about it (and possibly later, taking legal action).  The only threat that exists to Townsend from me is that I might someday succeed in holding her accountable in a court of law, not from any actual threat of harm to her person or property.

Now, the communication to Boughner’s page did not end with that post, either.  George responded to her latest diatribe:

Townsend Character Attack 3

Basically, George told her that attacking me through him was not appropriate, nor was it within the purpose of an art page dedicated to the legacy of his grandfather – all of which is absolutely true.  But of course, Townsend could not be silent:

Townsend Character Attack 4

Bottom line: Townsend threw a tantrum.  “If you won’t help me ruin Ron Glick’s life, don’t talk to me” was the basic gist of her message.

Anyone who reads these messages from Townsend that I posted yesterday and today can easily recognize that these are attacks.  They are not some effort to protect children – they are malevolent and malignant incursions designed to inflict harm upon both my reputation and brand as an author.  I was not attending in person (I was scheduled to appear by Skype), so any alleged threat – even if taken reductio ad absurdum – was completely nonexistent since I was not going to physically be at the convention.  And Townsend literally waited until the day before the convention to launch her character assault so there would be no time to actually look into her allegations (as proven by the promptness of her response today and as I pointed out as recently as yesterday, Townsend reads my online content, so she plainly knew about this event when it was first announced a month before).

Saying it is not an attack, or saying this was motivated by an interest to “protect children” does not make it so.  Townsend has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and she can’t back away fast enough to erase the fact that she was caught.  And throwing a tantrum about it only makes it worse…

    “…if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck… even if it is holding a piece of paper that says it is a chicken.” – Wild v. Fregein Construction, 68 P.3rd 855 (2003)

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Angela Townsend – Epic Fail!

It does get rather old to say things like, “I have said for some time…” or “As I have said all along…”, but unfortunately this is something of a necessity in the kind of material I write about on this blog.  Often times, I report things that I know about but have no evidence to prove when I write it, or simply posit reasonable ideas that are later substantiated.

One such repetitive topic I return to is Angela Townsend and her felonious misconduct in trying to commit character assassination against me for challenging her theft of my intellectual property, the title “The Forlorned”.  I have reported frequently that Townsend has been launching anonymous and behind-the-scenes attacks on me to both undermine my credibility, to affect my public brand and to obstruct any measure of success I might gain.  She has sent libelous emails to hosts of sites I am on, and has succeeded in costing me both my Facebook fan page (not even hosted by me, incidentally) and my Goodreads account; made numerous false reports to local law enforcement of everything from alleged stalking to staged burglarizing her business offices; sent serious threats of harm and even death threats behind fake identities; practiced law without a license in representing she-whom-I-cannot-name in the property suit before the state supreme court; and used the clout of her connections within the local corrupt government to infringe upon both my human dignity and constitutional rights.

And she continues to do these things to this very day.  In fact, in response to these voluminous attacks, I finally posted an article on my author blog directly stating that Angela Townsend Is a Fraud.  Of especial note is that in response to that article, Townsend has made no effort whatsoever to attack the content of that post (she cannot since it is all true), though she did make two separate efforts to try to have my entire blog taken down: by claiming her picture being posted on the blog constituted copyright infringement, and that my posting that she stole the intellectual property itself constituted abuse of “her” trademark.

To the first, she actually claimed that by posting her picture on her blog it somehow became protected by copyright (when in fact she just submitted the picture to public domain) – and I did not even get the picture from her site; I got it from Google (ie, I found it in the public domain).

To the second, she deliberately misrepresented the law by claiming that by my mentioning the trademark and saying that I was the one who actually created it, I was somehow abusing the trademark.  This would be like saying someone who wrote a bad review over the latest Star Wars movies was infringing on the trademark “Star Wars” by including the name in their review.  And of course, she failed to report that the trademark dispute is still pending in federal court.  But as I have said (there that is again – lol), even if the money Dale McGarvey has backed her with manages to buy a win in the courts (so sad that our courts really are for sale to the highest bidder), it will not stop me from denouncing her theft.  Bottom line: the trademark first appeared on my blog because created it, and I am not going to run a reversal on that position, even if I lose the claim in federal court.

Notably, WordPress agreed with me and disregarded her frivolous attacks.

Now, to the reason I am writing this post…

In the past, I usually only hear about Townsend’s attacks by third person reporting.  Someone will contact me saying “Angela Townsend said this [or that]” or “Do you know Angela Townsend, because she keeps saying [X] about you”.  Once in awhile I will get a clipped portion of an original email, but even that is easy to claim as being altered.  But a few days ago, I was actually sent a SCREENSHOT of Angela Townsend’s latest effort to defame my character:

Townsend Character Attack

So some background: Howard Boughner (Townsend could not even bother spelling his name right when she claimed to have some vague appreciation for his work) was a Golden Age comic writer/artist who wrote many comical inserts for the publications of his day.  He never became a household name like Stan Lee or Frank Miller, but one cannot deny his contributions to the earliest days of comics.  A few months ago, Howard’s grandson, George, contacted me and asked me if I would appear on a comic book convention panel he was assembling, primarily because of my expertise in Golden Age comics (I publish the Golden Age Preservation Project and a comic book trivia series, Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia).  Due to my status as a prisoner of conscience, I was not able to attend in person (George and I had a long conversation about this well before Townsend tried to get in the way), but agreed to appear by Skype.

On March 11, literally the day before I was scheduled to appear, Townsend sent this message to George’s family in an effort to backdoor-sabotage my appearance.  Of course, ninety-percent of what she said was fabricated – she had no idea who Howard Boughner was (couldn’t even spell his name right) much less appreciation for his work; had no genuine concern about my being a public threat; and the alleged “protection order” was a reference to her seeking extra-jurisdictional help from her good friend, Good Ol’ Boy player, Bob Allison, to obtain a restraining order against my use of the disputed trademark, “The Forlorned”.  George spoke with his Aunt, who received the message, and her response was, “Is Angela Townsend going to be attending the convention?” (which of course she was not), and when told no, her response was, “Why does she care?”

And that is the whole point: Angela Townsend has no interest in comic books, much less little-known Golden Age comic book creators or attending comic book discussion panels.  She certainly had no plans to fly to Oklahoma to attend this one.  Her only purpose in writing this message was to libel me to the organizers of the discussion panel, in yet another attempt to cause me harm because I have so vigorously defended myself against her own criminal misconduct.

Angela Townsend has been a persistent thorn in my side for years now.  Make no mistake: Townsend is a member of the Good Ol’ Boy Network that makes up the Great Montana Conspiracy.  A very minute and insignificant lesser cog, certainly – I am sure she considers herself a far more important part of the corrupt despotistic, tyrannical government that passes itself off as democracy here in Flathead County than she really is.  She certainly has no real power, other than what she gains by calling in support from other higher-placed members.  But regardless off how low she is on the totem pole (probably equivalent to being in the mud holding the pole in place), she is nevertheless part of the establishment.

Angela Townsend is a wicked, deceitful and thoroughly deplorable human being.  In my mind, she has absolutely no redeemable qualities.  She is disgustingly ugly, both inside and out.  And the only way she can ever hope to have any kind of success is to build upon the talents, moneys and resources of others.  In my considered opinion, she is a parasite and should have been plucked from the body of this diseased mongrel of a society a long time ago.  And her conduct with things like this only prove my point admirably.

Townsend does all of this from behind the scenes so she can maintain a public persona as an honest, upstanding person – but this screenshot shows the true person behind the facade.

At the end of the day though, I now have absolute, indisputable evidence to take to court to prove what Townsend has been doing all along.  Incidentally, this kind of conduct is wrapped up with the trademark dispute presently, so I cannot launch a new defamation suit – yet.  But since the federal courts have not even discussed this misconduct, even if the Ninth Circuit dismisses the suit on trademark issues, it will not stop me from pursuing a separate defamation suit against Angela Townsend – with this photographed evidence on front display.

As always, I believe it is noteworthy that I am fully aware that Townsend reads my posts.  She reads my Twitter feed (I blocked her personal account, so she’s either reading from someone else’s or has fashioned a fake account), my publications monitored and, yes, she scrutinizes my posts both here and on my author blog.  So let me say here – as I have said countless times before – Townsend is only digging herself a deeper hole and regardless of whether her sugar-daddy McGarvey buys her a win in federal court, she is still facing multiple suits for defamation and fraud once those elements are released from the federal court, so it truly is in her best interest to both cease and desist and to actually sit down to settle this issue before it graduates to the next level.

I am not done, and even if the corrupt authorities lock me in a box, I will not stop fighting back – and I have more than enough friends on the outside this time to make sure that my ongoing challenges of Angela Townsend’s criminal abuse does not go unpublicized…

At the end of the day, Angela Townsend not only accomplished absolutely nothing in her latest effort to assassinate my good name, but she did so with an absolutely EPIC fail!

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Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
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Open Letter To Greg Gianforte

For those who do not know the history, Greg Gianforte made a Republican run for Montana governor this last year, losing by a narrow margin to the incumbent, Steve Bullock (46.4% vs 50.2% – the remaining 3.4% went to independent candidates).  Personally, I supported Gianforte’s run, primarily because he was a non-politician who stood a genuine chance of uprooting entrenched corrupt government practices in Montana, including my own imprisonment as a political prisoner in my own country.

Gianforte did not win the governor’s office, but he did put his hat in the ring for the newly-open congressional seat left open by Ryan Zinke’s appointment to President Donald Trump’s cabinet.  One would think that I would automatically support Gianforte, but to be honest, I am concerned about his appointment – primarily because he has openly stated support for Trump’s policies, which I view to be largely and flagrantly unconstitutional.

Today, in response to a request for support from Gianforte’s campaign, I wrote a letter in response, which I am publishing here as an open letter in hopes of both making others aware of my concerns and to encourage a public debate on the merits of the points I raise.

As always, feel free to submit any comments you might have, but hate speech, threats or intimidation will be reported to law enforcement.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I supported Greg Gianforte’s run for governor in Montana, primarily because I have been detained as a U.S. political prisoner under the current (and prior) regimes since 2004 (see  I had hoped that having a governor who did not have political ties as an existing politician might entail a proper impartial review of my still-pending application for clemency.  I was incredibly disappointed when he failed in his gubernatorial run.

    Greg’s run for Congress however is a bit more of a concern for me.  Not only would a congressional seat offer little to no aid in my bid for being released from detention as a prisoner of conscience in my own country, but he has publicly endorsed President Trump’s abuses, even said he would go to Congress to support Trump.  I am by no means a die-hard Democrat – but Trump is a serious, SERIOUS concern.  And I cannot endorse nor vote for someone who intends to go to Congress to bolster this kind of inherent abuses of human dignity.

    If I misunderstand Greg’s position, or if he has thoughts on how his election to a congressional seat would help me fight against entrenched corruption in Montana or even regaining my own liberty, by all means, please enlighten me.  I am not set to vote for a Democrat – but at this point,Greg will not have my vote primarily based on his guilt of association with President Trump.

    In the interests of transparency, I will be posting this as an open letter on my blog: 

The Great Montana Conspiracy

    I hope to hear from you soon.

Ron Glick

U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004

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In Memoriam – Robin Ashton

Her name was Robin Ashton.  I say “was” because now she is deceased.  On February 9, 2017, Ms. Ashton took her own life.  Suicide in and of itself is a tragedy, but it is even moreso when one is driven there by a corrupt judiciary and legal system that disregarded someone’s cries for help, and allowed someone to be driven to the point of hopelessness.

I knew Robin.  I knew her quite well.  I know her story and have read many of her documents (not all, but enough for a fair assessment of her claims, in my opinion).  I spoke with her the morning of February 9th (though I was not informed of her suicide until two days ago), and though I detected no plans in what we spoke of that would suggest that she had planned to commit suicide that evening, I will always be haunted that I might have missed something, that there might have been something I could have done to keep Robin safe.  Alas, I did not and now I must live with the survivor’s guilt of not knowing that this tragedy loomed.

If this were a simple suicide, I would not be writing this.  No, this is not a simple tragedy of someone losing her battle with depression.  This is about a woman who was wronged, who turned to the Flathead County justice system for relief, and presiding judge Heidi Ulbricht, who repeatedly disregarded Robin’s pleas for help.  Finally, having been driven down to the point of helplessness, the only remedy Robin felt she had was suicide.

Maybe Heidi Ulbricht did not pull the trigger.  But she certainly deliberately disregarded Robin’s welfare and allowed the persecution that drove her beyond the point of no return.

For Robin, her struggle through the corrupt legal system of Montana began in 2008.  At the time, gasoline was exorbitantly priced and a man by the name of Richard Hoinville advertised on the radio that he had an invention that could convert water to gasoline – all he needed was a piece of land where he could build a shop to manufacture them.  Robin contacted Mr. Hoinville and agreed to sell him a joint ownership (rent-to-own, essentially) so he would have property to build the devices.  Robin thought she was doing something positive by helping Mr. Hoinville, and that she would also be helping the world by contributing to lower emissions.

What Robin did not know was that Richard Hoinville was not interested in building gas conversion devices – he wanted an off-the-grid property where he could build munitions, explosives and other deadly weapons.  Mr. Hoinville had a criminal record for arson and for bombing a public service company substation in Colorado.  In fact, Mr. Hoinville is a home-grown terrorist who actually declared himself a one-man terrorist cell called the Continental Revolutionary Army, dedicated to overthrowing the United States government.  Mr. Hoinville had gone to prison for his crimes, and upon release, he started right back on his agenda – all he needed was a solitary, isolated area where he could construct his weapons of mass destruction.

Once Robin found out what Mr. Hoinville’s true agenda was, she tried to evict him.  He instead hired a lawyer (Richard De Jana) and even counter-sued Robin over possession of her property!

Now keep in mind: Robin had not been a healthy woman to begin with.  One reason she lived in such a remote area was because she suffered from a disease known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity – essentially, the electrical and transmission frequencies that we use everyday without consequence had a chronic impact on Robin’s health.  It affected both her physical well-being as well as had debilitating affects on her mental health, leading to depression, headaches and suicidal ideations.  While isolated on her property, Robin managed her disease well enough – but when she was forced through the ongoing legal struggles to spend more and more time in Kalispell, her health began to decline sharply.

In dealing with the courts, Robin made frequent requests for disability accommodations under the Americans with Disability Act.  Ironically enough, the same judge who had been assigned to her case was also the ADA Administrator for Flathead County’s court building, the Flathead County Justice Center: Heidi Ulbricht.  The very notion that a judge presiding over a case could somehow also act as the administrator of ADA claims made against that court is beyond belief – it is not only blatant conflict of interest, but it also allows the bias from a court proceeding to impact the so-called impartiality of determining ADA compliance.

Needless to say, Heidi Ulbricht repeatedly refused to make any accommodations for Robin in her court.

To make matters worse, the lawyer Mr. Hoinville hired, Richard De Jana, was a shark.  Lacking in actual legal grounds to prevail, De Jana mounted a campaign of psychological warfare against Robin, peppering her with threats and verbal abuse that left Robin fearful for her life.  Robin’s suicidal ideations increased and she even sought help for her suicidal compulsions, only to have the medical community dismiss her pleas for help.  Eventually, under the weight of the threats from De Jana and Hoinville combined, Robin was forced to move off of her own property and take shelter elsewhere.

In the last several years of her life, Robin Ashton never felt safe enough to return home.

Again, Robin made frequent complaints of De Jana’s menacing conduct, and made frequent reports to Heidi Ulbricht that the threats she was being subjected to were both affecting her health and overwhelming her with thoughts of suicide.  She even went so far as to file claims against De Jana and others in federal court.  But again – much like with my own claims – the federal courts stepped up to defend the criminal negligence of Flathead County courts and authorities.  She made frequent requests for legal help, as she was just completely overwhelmed by the legality of it all, but again neither Ulbricht nor the federal courts would provide her assistance of counsel.

In the end, Ulbricht dismissed Robin’s lawsuit to re-secure her property.  The justice court likewise denied her the simple remedy of evicting Hoinville from her property.  And to add insult to injury, Ulbricht actually scheduled a trial against Robin for Hoinville’s countersuit.

Robin was not allowed the simplest of remedies to recover her own property, but Hoinville – *A CONVICTED TERRORIST!* – was able to not only bully her off her property, but was being given leave to sue Robin for possession of her own property!!

In the end, it was just too much for Robin.  Overwhelmed, degraded to the point of abject despair, Robin Ashton took her own life on February 9th.  She posted notes all around herself, decrying that she had been murdered by Ulbricht and De Jana.  She then dialed 911, and while on the phone with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

Heidi Ulbricht.  Richard De Jana.  Richard Hoinville.  These were Robin’s demons.  And though none of them may have placed the gun in her hand nor made her pull the trigger, they each contributed in driving her over the edge.

But the biggest fiend here is Judge Heidi Ulbricht.  Though De Jana and Hoinville may have been the criminals committing these horrific acts against a frail and ill woman, Ulbricht had a LEGAL DUTY to shelter Robin from harm.  A court of law exists to protect the interests of American citizens, to STOP this kind of wholesale abuse.  Instead, Ulbricht not only allowed it, she endorsed it.  She dismissed Robin’s claims and bolstered Hoinville’s.  And when Robin pleaded with her for help – both for her own declining mental health and for legal assistance – Ulbricht summarily shut her down, deliberately indifferent to Robin’s pleas for help.

In effect, Judge Heidi Ulbricht brazenly endorsed and empowered a criminal terrorist munitions production operation in Flathead County!  And she helped drive the legal land owner off her property to make sure it continued!  Deliberate or not, this was the end result – all because Ulbricht continues to play crooked political games that protect and shelter criminals over honest, upstanding citizens.

And I should know – Heidi Ulbricht is the judge who has been actively obstructing me from reclaiming my business assets and trying to throw me in prison to keep me from doing so!

I understand the hopelessness Robin felt.  The sheer disbelief that her rights as an American citizen could so easily be disregarded – all because Hoinville could afford to hire a lawyer, while she was left to fend for herself.

If you would like to read more about Robin’s crisis – and in her own words – please go HERE.

I said at the outset that I had read much of Robin’s paperwork.  I can honestly say I think that by the end, she was making quite a few claims she could not legitimately pursue.  She did not know where to turn, and in having nowhere, she flailed helplessly – all the while, trying to find a foothold.  But none of this diminished that her core issue was valid.

Richard Hoinville was a criminal and predator, preying upon Robin’s goodwill and thereafter her infirmity and lack of finances.  He hired a snake of a lawyer who was willing to harass and badger a helpless old lady until together they drove her to suicide.  No matter where Robin’s desperation led her later, this issue was legally sound and she should have been able to seek immediate and lasting relief from Heidi Ulbricht’s court.

Instead, Robin Ashton simply became another victim of Flathead County corruption – a fatality in the oppression of American citizens in Montana.

Once again, welcome to the Great Montana Conspiracy…

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More Evidence of Judicial Corruption In Montana

I keep saying I am not the only one to have experienced the massive criminal cover-up of official misconduct in Montana, just as I have said Kalispell and Flathead County are not the only corrupt bodies in the state.  There’s a reason Mike McGrath has been denying *all* requests for judicial recusal – because he is covering up the wholesale corruption entrenched throughout the state.  To allow one challenge on grounds of wrongdoing would open a floodgate of the rest of the state following through.

Literally, they are all breaking the law in office, and if one is recused, it sets precedent to recuse every other judge in the state!  Or at least, a substantial number of them!

If every judicial official in the state is guilty of impropriety in office to some degree, without any oversight nor restraint, where does one draw a line?  Clearly, McGrath’s line is that no judge in Montana can be recused at all, in effect making the simple status of holding a judicial post akin to being above both repute and the law.

As further proof that I am not alone in this viewpoint, I am sharing yet another link to yet another site challenging the criminal misconduct of Montana courts:

Montana Corruption: The Story of How Far Montana Corrupt Courts will Go to Hide Secrets



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